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Elevator rope replaced several years

Elevator rope replaced a few years, due to the frequency of use, load status and maintenance are in place and other factors, the elevator traction rope is not scrapped the time limit.

But there are scrapped standards, GB7588.TSGT7001 provides:

The traction compensation rope shall be scrapped in any of the following situations:

(1) cage-like distortion, rope core extrusion kink, some flattening, bending;

(2) broken wire appears in the entire wire rope, any one of the twisting distance within a single strand of broken wire is greater than four; or broken wire concentrated in a certain part of a wire rope or a strand, a twist within the total number of broken wire is greater than 12 (For 6 shares) or greater than 16 (for 8 shares)

(3) after the wear of wire rope diameter is less than 90% of the rope diameter.

  Therefore, the rational use of wire rope product structure, can extend the service life of the elevator