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"On the effective implementation of the Central Environmental Protection Inspectorate Group to organize the environmental petition investigation and rectification notice"

July 14, the Central Environmental Protection Inspectorate Group to enter the work of Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu Province, issued a "do a good job on the Central Environmental Protection Inspectorate Group to organize a letter to investigate and deal with environmental issues rectification notice"

For a number of non-compliance of the wire rope production enterprises, to issue legislation to change legislation, that is known to change, while checking the edge of the notice, focusing on a range of issues arising from the enterprise to solve the deadline: surface treatment process wastewater, waste acid, Waste residue, aluminum pollution, soot pollution and other pollution generated during the production process. For non-compliance or not rectification, improve the enterprise is not in place, a fine, deadline for correction.

With the progress of social development, the masses to improve the environmental quality of the increasing demands of the wire rope industry pollution has become the people concerned about the focus, hot and difficult. In short to make the sustainable development of wire rope enterprises, we must improve the safety awareness, and actively carry out environmental pollution management. Take the initiative to establish a safety awareness of environmental protection, enhance their viability and market competitiveness.