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On the issue of three-dimensional parking garage

As a modern city, due to the phenomenon of increasing vehicles, many metropolitan ground lack of open space, only to the three-dimensional space.

This will not only save the land area, but also solve the problem of parking in downtown areas difficult. At the same time there have been three-dimensional parking garage on the quality of a series of problems, the current general use of the garage chain and wire rope upgrade, both have their own advantages and disadvantages. In particular, the use of wire rope rope rope often appear the phenomenon of lack of fatigue, this phenomenon is now in urgent need of manufacturers to improve the problem. Some wire rope in use will appear burr, from the shares, distorted, uneven and so on. This phenomenon is simple to plan for the two points ① equipment itself and the connection of wire rope match the degree of ② wire rope production process reasons.

This is a seemingly simple and very complex problem. Through the investigation to the three-dimensional garage site summed up a few suggestions for the manufacturers of wire rope manufacturers and three-dimensional garage manufacturers reference.