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The use of wire rope

Wire rope is mainly used for construction, factory land, steel wire with stainless steel, steel toughness, diameter: 0.5mm ~ 104mm, tensile steel wire is not easy to pull off, smooth steel wire, galvanized steel wire, stainless steel and other types! Beijing Olympic Games Bird's Nest is the overall structure with steel wire pulling force! High-strength steel products for the Shanghai Lupu Bridge, Lu Yang Bridge, Run Yang Bridge, Songhua River Bridge, Shanghai Youth Square, Nanjing Pedestrian Bridge, Wuhu Stadium, Wuhan Stadium, Beijing Olympic "Bird's Nest" project main venue, Hunan Lingjintan Hydropower Station , Yunnan Lancang River Bridge, Myanmar Bridge. And made the steel production enterprises, mining enterprises, three-dimensional parking garage manufacturing, cable manufacturing, power construction, port handling, machinery industry, installation enterprises, and other related key industries consistent trust!